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Water level indicator circuit using CMOS ICs

A very simple low cost water level indicator circuit can be designed using this schematic circuit . This water level indicator is based on a simple CMOS IC CD4066 and indicates the amount of water present in the overhead tank and also gives an alarm when the tank is full.
As you can see in the circuit diagram the circuit uses the widely available CD4066, bilateral switch CMOS IC to indicate the water level through LEDs.
When the water is empty the wires in the tank are open circuited and the 180K resistors pulls the switch low hence opening the switch and LEDs are OFF. As the water starts filling up, first the wire in the tank connected to S1 and the + supply are shorted by water. This closes the switch S1 and turns the LED1 ON. As the water continues to fill the tank, the LEDs2 , 3 and 4 light up gradually.

The no. of levels of indication can be increased to 8 if 2 CD4066 ICs are used in a similar fashion.
When the water is full, the base of the transistor BC148 is pulled high by the water and this saturates the transistor, turning the buzzer ON. The SPST switch has to be opened to turn the buzzer OFF.
As you can see this electronic liquid sensor circuit require very few external components and need to be powered from a 6 volts DC power supply .

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Water level indicator circuit using CMOS ICs


As i tryied to mkae this project. But shopkeeper provide me ic cd4068b. Can it woks insted of above mentioned ic. And what would be equivalent ics for cd4066 ic. Please suggest me i really in trouble......

cd4066 is a cmos quad bilateral switch and cd4068b is a CMOS 8 input NAND/AND gate. You can use NTE4066, cd4016,etc.

Can it be used as river level indicator? Why are the resistors 180K used for?