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Metal detector circuit with 555 timer

This metal detector circuit project is designed using a simple 555 timer integrated circuit. As you can see in the schematic circuit , this metal detector circuit project requires few external electronic parts .
This circuit detects metal and also magnets. When a magnet is brought close to the 10mH choke, the output frequency changes.
This metal detector project can be powered from a power supply that can provide an output DC voltage between 6 an 12 volt .
If a metal is closer to the L1 coil , will produce a change of output oscillation frequency, that will generate a sound in the 8 ohms speaker .

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Circuit Diagram: 
Metal detector circuit with 555 timer


in metal detector With 555 timer ic what is the value of inductance and number of turned used in it.

how will i made the coil(10mh) as indicated in the circuit?

use a copper wire of length 5 metre and wound it in form of a coil

any chance in getting a simple pcb layout for the 555 metal detector and also the capacitor attached to the choke, needs to be connected to ground no??? or are we using the other type?

what is the use of keeping the inductor,capacitors in the circuit and explain me about the circuit of metal detector using 555