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VHF antenna amplifier circuit diagram

A very simple VHF antenna amplifier circuit diagram can be designed using this circuit diagram .
This VHF antenna amplifier circuit diagram can be used for a frequency range between 1 and 300MHz.
The VHF antenna amplifier circuit is constructed based on the BFT66 transistor connected in common emitter connection.
This RF antenna amplifier can be used for high frequency and VHF band ( for radio and TV) and will provide a 22 dB gain . This RF antenna amplifier electronic project has a very low noise , under 1.6dB .
L1 coil has a 6uH value , but can be used any coil for high frequency ( with a value between 5.6 to 6.8 u H) . L2 coil is an air core type coil and it has 5-6 turns (10mm long and 5 mm diameter) . For L2 coil can be used a 0.25 mm Cuem wire . The pcb of this circuit must be placed near the antenna , in a small metallic box . This VHF antenna circuit must be powered from a 12 volts DC power supply circuit , you can use a 12 volt battery , because the current consumption of this circuit is very low under 10mA.
You can replace T1 transistor wit some other UIF similar transistor type which have a very low noise factor .

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VHF antenna amplifier circuit


According to the BFT66 datasheet, it should be at T2 where the input is connected. The datasheet shows T1 as a PNP general purpose such as a BC557.