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UHF amplifier circuit using transistor

This UHF amplifier circuit electronic project can be useful in situations where the TV signal is weak. The UHF amplifier circuit has a gain of 10-15 dB in a frequency range between 400 and 850 MHz.
To obtain optimum performance and good reliability, the PCB tracks should be covered with tin.
At each disc capacitors C4, C5, C8 and C9, by one of the girls is glued directly on board.
All other terminals are to be cut as short as possible and will use SMD components.
Power is from a simple source of 12 V built 78L12 stabilizer would be appropriate. TV will be connected to the amplifier through a small coupling capacitor (10-47pF).
To calibrate the assembly bring P1 cursor in the middle of his race and then adjust it to obtain the best image quality (in practice, and you get the collector current of transistor of 5-15 mA).

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UHF amplifier circuit