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TDA1083 Am radio receiver circuit diagram

This Am radio receiver circuit is based on the TDA1083 radio IC that can be used to build a simple MF band radio . This AM radio schematic circuit based on the TDA1083 will work in 300kHz – 3MHz frequency range .
This AM radio receiver circuit is very simple and require few external components . Using the TDA1083 we can make a AM FM radio receiver but in this diagram is presented just the AM part .
TDA1083 support a wide input voltage range and has a high AM sensitivity . If you don’t want much audio output power than 0.7W you don’t need to use another audio amplifier stage to increase the audio power because the integrated circuit has a build-in audio amplifier stage .
If you want to use this circuit you need to make some coils :
L1 and L2 needs to be placed on the same ferrite support with 10 mm diameters and 100 mm long . The L1 has 80 turns and L2 8 turns ( L2 is placed at 5 mm distance from L1 coil ) .
L3 has coil has 30 turns on a small piece of ferrite . For all three coils you need to use a 0.2 mm CuEm wire . For this am radio circuit we need a 4.5 volts dc power supply . C1 capacitor mounted in parallel with the L1 coil is a 270 pF variable capacitor .

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TDA1083 Am radio receiver circuit diagram electronic project