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MC2833 FM transmitter circuit

A very simple FM transmitter circuit can be designed using MC2833 integrated circuit, designed for cordless telephone and FM communication equipment. It includes a microphone amplifier, voltage controlled oscillator and two auxiliary transistors.

This MC2833 FM transmitter circuit has an low drain current ( ICC =2.9mA typically ) and supports a wide range operating voltage ,from 2.8 to 9 volts .
Crystal X1 connected at pin 16 and pin 1 ( trough a 5.1uH coil ) is fundamental mode, calibrated for parallel resonance with a 32 pF load.
The final output frequency is generated by frequency multiplication within the MC2833 IC. The RF output buffer (Pin 14) and Q2 transistor are used as a frequency tripler and doubler, respectively, in the 76 and 144 MHz transmitters.

The Q1 output transistor is a linear amplifier in the 49.7 MHz and 76 MHz transmitters, and a frequency doubler in the 144 MHz transmitter.
All coils used are 7 mm shielded inductors, CoilCraft series M1175A, M1282A–M1289A, M1312A or equivalent.
Power output is 9 + 10 dBm for 50 MHz and 76 MHz transmitters, and 9 + 5.0 dBm for the 144 MHz transmitter at VCC = 8.0 V. Power output drops with lower VCC.

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MC2833 FM transmitter circuit design components
MC2833 FM transmitter circuit