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MAR-6 VHF-UHF wide band amplifier circuit

This wide band amplifier circuit is designed using the MAR-6 IC manufactured by Mini Circuits . This MAR-6 VHF-UHF wide band amplifier circuit will providing stable gain of at least 9dB up to 2GHz.
Because the MAR-6 is designed to receive its power via the signal output pin, it’s very suitable for use as a masthead amplifier. It requires about 3.5V DC, at a working current of around 16mA.
As you can see in the circuit diagram this masthead amplifier electronic project , require few external electronic parts , so if you will use SMD components you’ll have a very compact design . With power applied, the LED should glow reassuringly and you should be able to measure about 6.8 - 7V DC at the end of R1 nearer IC2 and C5 . If the LED doesn’t glow and you get no voltage reading, chances are that you’ve wired the DC input with reverse polarity .If the LED doesn’t glow but there’s almost the full plug-pack voltage present at R1, you’ve almost certainly wired the LED in backwards.

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MAR-6 VHF-UHF wide band amplifier circuit