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43 dB high gain antenna amplifier circuit diagram

This antenna amplifier is very useful for 35kHz-150Mhz frequency band . This antenna amplifier circuit is based on transistors and has a low 3dB non-linearity and a high gain of 43 dB .
The input and output impedance for this rf amplifier circuit is 75 ohms.
The L1 and L2 radio frequency coils are constructed from a 0.25 mm CuEm wire , with a 5 mm diameter . Both coils require 10 number of turns .

All used transistors are of the same type and can be BF183, BF200 or other similar type . The total consumption of this rf amplifier is very low , the circuit will need only 20 mA .
This rf amplifier circuit needs to be powered from a 12.5 volts DC power supply circuit .

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43 dB antenna amplifier circuit diagram


Hi I was wondering what the configuration would need to be for a 13.56 Mhz, 1kHz BW pre-antenna gain circuit? I'm not too good at the circuit analysis. I can supply it with any voltage with my supply.