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2N2222 FM transmitter electronic project

This fm transmitter electronic project is designed using common electronic parts and 2N2222 transistors. To get a bit of tuning out of the coil you could put a 4-40pF trimmer capacitor parallel over the 1 µH inductor.
The power supply for this mini FM transmitter with transistors ( transmitter ) can be a stabilized 9V power supply or we can use a 9 volts battery.
Transistors can be substitute with something similar you already have , but it maybe necessary to adjust the collector voltage of Q1 by changing the value of R1 or R2 . It should be about 1/2 the supply voltage (about 4 or 5v).
The antenna required by this mini FM transmitter is nothing else than a piece of wire from 6" to 12".
Electronic parts required by this electronic project are : R4,R2 100K; R1,R3 10K;R5 470 ohm; C2,C6 470pF; C5,C3 4.7µF, 16V, electrolitic; C1,C4 4.7pF; Cx 4-40pF trimmer cap (optional); L1 1µH; Q1,Q2 2N2222.

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2N2222 FM transmitter electronic project