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2400 MHz RF amplifier circuit using PM2107

This 2400 MHz RF amplifier circuit is designed using the PM2107 integrated circuit, manufactured by Pacific monolithic.
In the table bellow you can see all parts required by this 2400 MHz RF amplifier circuit.
This two stage RFIC amplifier is off-chip matched to provide optimum performance for a variety of applications. Operating from a 5 volt supply, the PM2107 can produce 1 watt of saturated output power with 45% typical efficiency.
Pins 2, 4, 7, and 9 are all “RF-hot,” and require matching networks or bypass circuits as shown in the schematic above.
The fused lead pins 3 and 8 provide a low inductance source ground for the 2nd stage of the PM2107.
The inductance to the microstrip ground plane should be as low as possible in grounding these pins. Pin 1 should be grounded through a transmission line to achieve the required input match and improve inband stability. The other ground pins (5, 6, 10) should also be connected to ground through a low inductance path.
A lossy input match is formed by TRL1, TRL2, C8, and R3. TRL2 provides ground isolation between the two stages to improve stability. The output matching network consists of TRL3, C1, and C2.

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2400 MHz RF amplifier circuit diagram using PM2107