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Radio circuits electronic circuits design projects

Radio circuits electronic circuits design projects and schematics various transmitters, receivers, rf amplifiers, rf boosters and other similar radio circuits.

DCF77 module circuit using MAS6180C1

A very simple DCF77 module circuit can be designed using this circuit diagram, that is based on the MAS6180C1 integrated circuit, designed by MAS (Micro Analog Systems).
The MAS6180C1 is an AM-Receiver chip specially intended to receive time signals in the frequency range from 40 kHz to 100 kHz. Only a few external components are required for

Circuit Diagram: 
dcf77 antenna design
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Radio metal detector circuit

This radio metal detector circuit is designed with transistors and use an radio as an detector.
L1 search coil of the radio metal detector circuit must have 18 turns from a 0.65 mm enameled wire scrambled on a 4 inch diameter support .

Circuit Diagram: 
Radio metal detector circuit diagram
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RF detector circuit diagram

This rf detector circuit is designed based on transistors and common electronic components.
This rf detector circuit responds to RF signals bellow the standard broadcast band to over 500MHz and provides an visual, and audible indication when the rf signal is detected.

Circuit Diagram: 
RF detector circuit using transistors
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