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MAX724 5 volts DC inverter circuit diagram

This DC DC inverter circuit diagram electronic project is based on the MAX724 monolithic, bipolar, pulsewidth modulation, switch-mode DC DC regulator optimized for step-down applications. This MAX724 inverter project is a 5 volts DC inverter circuit that require few external components and supports a wide range input voltage from 4.5 volts up to 35 volts .

The maximum output current provided by this 5 volts DC inverter circuit is 1 A
If a lower output current is needed, then the current rating of both D1 and L1 may be reduced.
If the minimum input voltage is higher than 4.5V, then greater output current can be supplied.
R1, R2, and C4 provide compensation for low input voltages, but R1 and R2 also figure in the output-voltage calculation because they are effectively connected in parallel with R3.
To obtain larger negative output voltage you need to increase R1, R2, and R3 proportionally while maintaining the following relationships. If VIN does not fall below 2VOUT, then R1, R2, and C4 can be omitted and only R3 and R4 set the output voltage.
R4 = 1.82k , R3 = |VOUT| - 2.37 (in k) , R1 = 1.86 (R3), R2 = 3.65 (R3)

MAX724 5 volts DC inverter circuit diagram

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