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3.3V and 5V dual tracking regulator using LT3692 DC converter

Using the LT3692 dual current mode PWM step-down DC DC converter circuit with two internal 3.5A switches can be designed a very simple power supply circuit , that can be used for various electronic circuits applications like : distributed supply regulations or automotive circuits . LT3692 provide independent input voltage, shutdown, feedback, soft-start, current limit and comparator pins for each channel .

To optimize efficiency and component size, both converters have a programmable maximum current limit and are synchronized to either a common external clock input, or a resistor settable fixed 250kHz to 2.25MHz internal oscillator. A frequency divider is provided for channel 1 to further optimize component size. At all frequencies, a 180° phase relationship between channels is maintained, reducing voltage ripple and component size. A clock output is available for synchronizing multiple regulators.

This DC DC converter circuit presented in this schematic diagram , will provide two independent voltages :3.3 volts and 5 volt . The maximum output current that can be provided by this DC DC converter electronic project is around 3A for each channel . As you can see in this schematic circuit , this project require few external electronic parts and needs to be powered from a 12 volt DC power supply .

Some features of this DC DC converter electronic project are : independent synchronized switching frequencies , antiphase switching , flexible output voltage tracking ,enhanced short-circuit protection ,low dropout: 95% maximum duty cycle , low shutdown current: 3.3V and 5V dual tracking regulator circuit design using LT3692 DC converter

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