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Vicor power modules

Vicor Corporation company design and manufacture high efficiency power modules supplies and modular systems. Vicor offers RoHS compliant modules which have a “VE” prefix.
As how is presented by Vicor Corporation, the heart of Vicor’s VI-/MI-200 and VI-/MI-J00 module
technology, allows Vicor converters to operate depending on input voltage and load, the converters operate at frequencies ranging from the low hundreds of kilohertz (light load, high line) to approximately one megahertz (full load, low line). Another aspect of the Vicor topology is that two or more power trains driven at the same frequency will inherently load-share if their outputs are tied together. Load sharing is dynamic and is within 5%.
Vicor power modules are available in a wide range of input voltages, from 10 to 400V and can provide an output voltage range between 1 and 95 volts with a maximum output current up to 40A ( for VI-200 with a voltage Output voltage can be fixed or variable. You can design very easy a fixed or variable power supply based on Vicor modules using Design Guide & Applications Manual provided on Vicor’s website or you can use also some tools that can be founded on vicorpower.com website .
In Design Guide & Applications Manual document you can find all information you need to design a Vicor power supply based on your needs, from technical specifications to thermal consideration.
If you compare the price of classical power module based on transistors and some other ICs with the Vicor power modules, you can find it a little expensive ,for example a VI-B63-CU is around 200$ and a VI-263-CU it cost around 250$, but with this power supply module you can save time.

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vicor power modules