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PWM current-control stepping motor driver using LV8741V

Using the LV8741V PWM current-control stepping motor driver integrated circuit can be designed a very simple motor driver electronic project .
LV8741 IC require few external electronic parts and can provide a maximum current to the motor up to 1.5A .
The input voltage required by this motor driver electronic based on LV8741V is from 9.5 to 35 volts for powering the motor and from 2.7 up to 5.5 for the logic inputs of the LV8741V IC .
This IC is switched between standby and operating mode by setting the ST pin. In standby mode, the IC is set to power-save mode and all logic is reset. In addition, the internal regulator circuit and charge pump circuit do not operate in standby mode .
This motor driver electronic project based on LV8741V stepper motor driver IC has the following setting conditions :
2-phase excitation (MD1/DC11 = Low, MD2/DC12 = Low) , auto recovery-type output short-circuit protection function (EMM = Low) , reset function fixed to normal operation (RST = High) , chopping frequency : 37kHz (RCHOP = 43k ) .

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PWM current-control stepping motor driver using LV8741V