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Led driver electronic circuits design electronics projects

Led driver electronic circuits design for : rgb led , high power led , white led , led display using led driver ICs and other methods .

Led driver using LM3492 IC

Using the LM3492 integrates a boost converter and a two-channel current regulator integrated circuit you can design a very simple high efficient and cost effective LED driver for driving two individually dimmable LED strings with a maximum power of 15W and an output voltage of up to 65V.

The boost converter employs a proprietary Projected-On-Time control method to give a fast transient response with no compensation required, and a nearly constant switching frequency programmable from 200 kHz to 1 MHz.

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Constant current LED driver using LM3410

Using the LM3410 constant current LED driver is a monolithic IC we can design , many high efficiency and low cost lights , using just few electronic components .
The LM3410 utilizes current-mode control and internal compensation to provide high-performance over a wide range of operating conditions. Additional features include dimming, cycle-by-cycle current limit, and thermal shutdown .
This LED driver schematic circuit is designed to drive four, on-board LEDs (VOUT = 11.4V) in series at an average LED current (ILED) of 190mA. The circuit can accept an input voltage of 3.3V-5.5V.

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Led driver using LTM8042

Using the LTM8042 μModule Boost LED Driver circuit you can design an very simple and high efficiency LED driver with a maximum current up to 1A
LTM8042 combines a boost power topology with a unique current loop to operate as a constant-current source. The PWM input provides as much as 3000:1 LED dimming, while 10:1 analog dimming can be accomplished by a single resistor or analog voltage applied to the CTL pin.

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