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Led driver electronic circuits design electronics projects

Led driver electronic circuits design for : rgb led , high power led , white led , led display using led driver ICs and other methods .

High power led driver using LM3434

Using the LM3434 adaptive constant on-time DC/DC buck (step-down) constant current controller can be designed a very simple high power led driver application . The LM3434 provides a constant current for illuminating high power LEDs.
The output configuration allows the anodes of multiple LEDs to be tied directly to the ground referenced chassis for maximum heat sink efficacy. The high frequency capable architecture allows the use of small external passive components and no output capacitor while maintaining low LED ripple current.

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Constant current source ful LEDS using LM3414

A very simple high efficiency LED driver circuit project can be designed using the LM3414 and LM3414HV which are 1A 60W* common anode capable constant current buck LED drivers. LM3414 , LM3414HV are suitable to drive single string of 3W HBLED with up to 96% efficiency and accept input voltages from 4.5VDC to 65VDC and deliver up to 1A average LED current with ±3% accuracy.

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LM3404 LED driver circuit

Using the LM3404 are monolithic switching regulator can be designed a very simple constant current driver for high power LEDs. This LED driver electronic project is ideal for automotive, industrial, and general lighting applications .
LM3404 contain a high-side N-channel MOSFET switch with a current limit of 1.5A (typical) for step-down (Buck) regulators.

Hysteretic controlled on-time and an external resistor allow the converter output voltage to adjust as needed to deliver a constant current to series and series-parallel connected LED arrays of varying number and type.

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