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Led driver electronic circuits design electronics projects

Led driver electronic circuits design for : rgb led , high power led , white led , led display using led driver ICs and other methods .

White LED driver project using TB62734FMG led driver IC

Using the TB62734FMG high-efficiency step-up type DC-DC converter IC can be designed a very simple and high efficiency white LED driver electronic project .
Using the TB62734FMG it is possible to drive two to six white LED’s connected in series by the lithium ion battery. This IC contains the N-ch MOS transistor required for switching of external inductors.

The LED forward current is set up using an external resistor. PWM brightness control is possible through the use of analog voltage input and pulse input.
The switching frequency is fixed at around 1.0 MHz.

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Led driver for automotive applications using AT9933

Using the AT9933 variable frequency PWM controller IC, can be designed a very simple and high efficiency LED lamp driver using a low-noise boost-buck topology.

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10W power led driver using LTC3112 DC converter

Using the LTC3112 fixed frequency synchronous buck-boost DC DC can be designed a very simple high efficiency, high power led driver electronic project .

The unique 4-switch, single inductor architecture of the LTC3112, provides low noise and seamless operation from input voltages above, below or equal to the output voltage.
With an input range of 2.7V to 15V, the LTC3112 is well suited for a wide variety of single or multiple cell battery, backup capacitor or wall adapter source applications .

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