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Led driver electronic circuits design electronics projects

Led driver electronic circuits design for : rgb led , high power led , white led , led display using led driver ICs and other methods .

12w LED driver circuit using LNK405EG driver IC

This LED driver circuit design is based on the LNK405EG driver IC and will provide a 12 watts output power . This LED driver circuit based on the LNK405EG driver IC accepts a wide range input voltage between 90 and 265 VAC and will provide a fixed output voltage of 36 volts at a 330mA constant output current . This constant current LED driver electronic project has a very high efficiency , more than 85% , typically 87% .
As you can see in the circuit diagram , this electronic project require few external electronic parts and can be very easy designed .

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20 w triac dimmable led driver using LT3799 driver

A very simple triac dimmable led driver electronic circuit can be designed using the LT3799 isolated flyback controller with power factor correction specifically designed for driving LEDs.
This triac dimmable led driver electronic circuit design project is capable to provide a 20 watts power to LEDs .The controller operates using critical conduction mode allowing the use of a small transformer. Using a novel current sensing scheme, the controller is able to deliver a well regulated current to the secondary side without using an opto-coupler.

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Constant current high−brightness LED driver using NCL30010

This LED driver electronic circuit is designed using the NCL30100 compact switching regulator controller intended for space constrained constant current high−brightness LED driver applications where efficiency and small size are important. The controller is based on a peak current, quasi fixed−off time control architecture optimized for continuous conduction mode step−down (buck) operation.

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