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Led driver using LTM8042

Using the LTM8042 μModule Boost LED Driver circuit you can design an very simple and high efficiency LED driver with a maximum current up to 1A
LTM8042 combines a boost power topology with a unique current loop to operate as a constant-current source. The PWM input provides as much as 3000:1 LED dimming, while 10:1 analog dimming can be accomplished by a single resistor or analog voltage applied to the CTL pin.

The LTM8042 Led Driver IC is available in two types LTM8042 and LTM8042-1 , the difference between them is the maximum current supported which is up to 1 ampere for LTM8042 and up to 350mA for LTM8042-1 . Both of these led driver circuits has an uninterrupted current path between its input and output and is thus intolerant to a short-circuit or overload from the output to ground.
The design of an circuit using the LTM8042 LED driver is very simple , requiring just few external components: Cin, Cout , Cvcc and in some casese few resistors .
As you can see in the circuit diagram presented bellow this LED driver project has very few external components and is capable to drive up to 9 white LEDs at 100mA . The input voltage required by this application is between 6 and 22 volts DC .

ltm8042 led driver schematic circuit

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