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Constant current LED driver using LM3410

Using the LM3410 constant current LED driver is a monolithic IC we can design , many high efficiency and low cost lights , using just few electronic components .
The LM3410 utilizes current-mode control and internal compensation to provide high-performance over a wide range of operating conditions. Additional features include dimming, cycle-by-cycle current limit, and thermal shutdown .
This LED driver schematic circuit is designed to drive four, on-board LEDs (VOUT = 11.4V) in series at an average LED current (ILED) of 190mA. The circuit can accept an input voltage of 3.3V-5.5V.

The switching frequency of the LM3410 converter is 1.6MHz allowing the use of small surface mount inductors and chip capacitors. This LED driver circuit also features the PWM capability of the LM3410 by enabling the user to apply a periodic pulse signal to the DIM terminal of varying duty cycle.

To adjust this ILED current , the current setting resistors R1 and R4 can be changed according to the following equation:
ILED = (VFB)/(R1 || R4) .
If PWM dimming is not required, then the DIM pin can be tied to VIN through a resistor, R2 ( must be around 100k) .
Constant current LED driver using LM3410 schematic circuit diagram
Constant current LED driver using LM3410 components for schematic circuit diagram

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