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Battery charger circuits electronic circuits design

Simple and complex battery chargers electronic circuits design projects and schematics with diagrams and description for various battery type.

LT3652 solar battery charger

Using the LT3652 solar battery charger designed by Linear Technology can be designed a very simple and efficiency solar battery charger circuit , using few external electronic parts .
LT3652 solar battery charger is a complete monolithic step-down battery charger which operates over a wide range input voltage ( 4.95V to 32V) .
The LT3652 solar battery charger provides a constant-current constant-voltage charge characteristic with maximum charge current externally programmable up to 2A. The desired output voltage can be up to 14.4V , programmed with a resistor divider .

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LM350 Car battery charger circuit design

This LM350 Car battery charger circuit project is a high performance charger that quickly charges gelled lead-acid batteries and turns off the charger process at full charge . This LM350 Car battery charger circuit will provide a charge current of 2A when the battery is nod fully charged , but as buttery voltage rise , current decreases .

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MAX1555 USB charger circuit design electronic project

This USB charger circuit is designed using the MAX1555 IC circuit manufactured by Maxim Semiconductor . This MAX1555 USB charger can be used using the USB power or AC power .
This MAX1555 charger is charging at 100mA from USB port and the maximum charging current increases to 350mA if the USB the AC adapter is connected . If both power types are connected in the same time the AC adapter is automatically given precedence.
This charger can be used for small devices like : PDAs ,Cell Phones , Digital Cameras , MP3 Players and other .

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