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Battery charger circuits electronic circuits design

Simple and complex battery chargers electronic circuits design projects and schematics with diagrams and description for various battery type.

USB battery charger for Li-ion batteries using FAN5400

Using the FAN5400 integrated switch-mode charger, can be designed a very simple single-cell USB battery charger Lithium-ion (Li ion) charging solution . FAN5400 charger circuit can be designed for charging from a USB power source, and a boost regulator to power a USB peripheral from the battery.

The charging parameters and operating modes are programmable through an I2C Interface that operates up to 3.4Mbps. The charger and boost regulator circuits switch at 3MHz to minimize the size of external passive components.

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Lithium polymer charger using LTC4095

Using LTC4095 complete constant-current, constant voltage linear charger can be designed a very simple compact and high efficiency charger for single-cell lithium-ion polymer batteries.
Using the LTC4095 can be designed a simple , low cost charger well-suited for portable USB power applications.

Up to 950mA of charge current may be programmed via a single resistor from the PROG pin to ground. The HPWR pin allows the charge current to be set at 20% or 100% of its full-scale programmed value. An internal safety timer terminates charge current.

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NiMH NiCd battery charger using LTC4011

Using the LTC4011 integrated circuit you can design a very simple and high efficiency nickel battery fast charger . The LTC4011 provide a complete solution in a small package using few external components. A 550kHz PWM current source controller and all necessary charge initiation, monitoring and termination control circuitry are included.
Design for this NiMH NiCd batteries charger is very simple and can be used for multiple applications like : standalone battery charger , portable instruments , or back-up battery management .

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