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MAX1555 USB charger circuit design electronic project

This USB charger circuit is designed using the MAX1555 IC circuit manufactured by Maxim Semiconductor . This MAX1555 USB charger can be used using the USB power or AC power .
This MAX1555 charger is charging at 100mA from USB port and the maximum charging current increases to 350mA if the USB the AC adapter is connected . If both power types are connected in the same time the AC adapter is automatically given precedence.
This charger can be used for small devices like : PDAs ,Cell Phones , Digital Cameras , MP3 Players and other .

The charger can be used for Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries . The electronic project charger circuit require a input voltage between 3V and 7 V and deliver an 3.3 V output voltage .
As you can see in the circuit diagram , before the IC is connected the MAX8881 linear regulator IC which is capable to deliver up to 200mA .
The MAX1881 is specially designed for battery-powered applications where reverse battery protection and long battery life are critical.
MAX1555 USB charger circuit design electronic project diagram

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