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Lithium battery charger using LTM8061

A very simple and efficiency Lithium battery charger and monitoring system , can be designed using the LTM8061 integrated circuit , designed by Linear Technology .
The LTM8061 IC is a high efficiency 32V, 2A μModule standalone Lithium battery charger optimized for one and two-cell packs, with fixed float voltage options: 4.1V, 4.2V, 8.2V and 8.4V.
The LTM8061 charger provides a constant current and constant-voltage charge characteristic, with maximum charge current up to 2A.
A precondition feature trickle charges a depleted battery, and bad battery detection provides a signal and suspends charging if a battery does not respond to preconditioning.
The LTM8061 can be configured to terminate charging when charge current falls to one-tenth the programmed maximum current or to use an internal timer if a time based termination scheme is desired. When charging is terminated, the LTM8061 enters a low current standby mode.
If the battery voltage drops 2.5% from the fl oat voltage, or if a new battery is inserted into a charging system , the auto-restart feature starts a new charge cycle .
To design a charger using the LTM8061 IC, you’ll need just to select the right chip and apply few equations ( just in case if you don’t want the standard configuration , for example if you want to limit the input current ) .

Bellow you can see two charger circuit , that use LTM8061 IC , but in different configuration :
Two Cell 1A Li-Ion Battery Charger with C/10 termination and reverse input protection
two cell 1A lithium polymer battery charger schematic circuit design using LTM8061 charger IC
Single Cell 2A Li-Ion Battery Charger with 3 3our timer termination and reverse input protection
single 2A cell lithium polymer battery charger schematic circuit design using LTM8061 charger IC

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