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Audio circuits design projects and schematics

Audio circuits design projects and schematics, various audio amplifiers circuits with diagram and schematic.

LM3875 80W audio amplifier circuit diagram

A very simple high efficiency 80W audio amplifier circuit can be designed using the LM3875 power audio IC .
This 80W audio amplifier circuit accepts a wide range input voltage from 20 up to 84 volts, but typically is recommended ( for this circuit ) a dual +/-25 volts DC power supply .

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TDA8920BTH 200 watts d class amplifier circuit diagram

This high power 200 watts amplifier circuit electronic project is designed using the TDA8920BTH audio power amplifier IC .
This 200 watts amplifier circuit has a very high efficiency with very low dissipation, providing a very high output power. The typical output power is 200 watts ( 2 x 100 W) .

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TDA1308 stereo headphone amplifier circuit

This stereo headphone amplifier circuit based on TDA1308 integrated class-AB stereo headphone is manufactured in a 1 mm Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) process and has been primarily developed for portable digital audio applications.

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