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Audio circuits design projects and schematics

Audio circuits design projects and schematics, various audio amplifiers circuits with diagram and schematic.

Voice changer circuit diagram using RTS0072B

This voice changer circuit electronic project is designed using the RTS0072B.
RTS0072B voice changer circuit must be powered from a DC power supply circuit that will provide a fixed output voltage between 3 and 5 volts .

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LM12 audio amplifier circuit diagram

This LM12 audio amplifier circuit will provide a high output power on a 8 ohms or 4 ohms load impedance. The maximum output power delivered by this LM12 audio amplifier circuit is around 60 watts on a 4 ohms load and 100 watts on a 4 ohms load on each channel .
This LM12 high power audio amplifier is composed on two principals stages :

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LM383 16 watt audio amplifier

This LM383 audio amplifier circuit diagram electronic project is capable to deliver up to 16 watts audio power in a 4 ohms load working in bridge mode configuration .
The LM383 circuit can work in single mode configuration or in bridge mode .

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