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Tone control circuit designed using LM833

Using LM833 can be designed a very simple tone control circuit using few external components .
For this Lm833 ton control circuit can be used almost any type of operational amplifier if it have high input impedance .
The LM833 is a is a dual general purpose operational amplifier designed with particular emphasis on performance in audio systems.
The ton control from this circuit is based on this operational amplifier from National Semiconductor and two RC filters ( low pass and high pass ) .
Using the formula presented bellow we can modify the frequency of the tone control circuit - the cut off frequency of RC filters (low pass and high pass )
lm833 tone control formula
For the tone control circuit presented in this schematic the frequencies are : fL = 32 Hz, fLB = 320 Hz and fH =11 kHz, fHB = 1.1 kHz

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LM833 Tone control circuit components
Tone control circuit designed using LM833