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TDA1514 50W audio amplifier circuit

This 50W audio amplifier circuit based on TDA1514 audio circuit is capable to provide a high audio power output using a specialized audio IC and other few common components. TDA1514 50W audio amplifier circuit supports 4 or 8 ohms loads and require few external components .
The TDA1514 audio IC is manufactured by Philips Semiconductor and is capable to provide an output audio power up to 50 W .

This 50W audio amplifier support a wide input voltage range from 10 volts up to 30 volts and it has many other build in features like : low harmonic distortion , low intermodulation distortion , low offset voltage , good ripple rejection , mute/stand-by facilities , thermal protection , protected against electrostatic discharge , very low thermal resistance , Safe Operating Area (SOAR) protection.

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TDA1514 audio amplifier circuit design electronic project