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High gain microphone preamplifier electronic project

A very simple high gain microphone preamplifier electronic project can be designed using this circuit diagram .
This microphone preamplifier electronic project is based on transistors and is capable of about 70dB or more gain at audio frequencies . Gain of this circuit is approximately equal to the product of the hfe of the both transistors times in the ratio of the load resistance to the input resistance of the preamp . As an approximation , these resistance are usually similar in value (2 to 5k) for most applications , so this ratio can be taken as unity .

Electronic Circuits: 
Circuit Diagram: 
High gain microphone preamplifier electronic project circuit diagram


Dear can you please tell me the power of resistor what i should use to make this circuit like 1/4watt or 1/2 watt or other also tell me that you have written that 12v is enough potential but i want know that with this potential what amount of current i should apply like 500mA or 800mA or other. Kindly tell me.I hope to hear from you soon..!! Asim

You can use both 1/4 or 1/2watt, but 1/4 watts will be fine and you can use 500mA or 800mA power supply.