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20 watts car amplifier circuit using TDA2005

This 20 watts car amplifier circuit using TDA2005 is specially designed to work on devices like: car radios, cd-players and similar devices. This 20 watts car amplifier circuit is based on the TDA2005 audio IC which can provide a maximum output power of 20 watts into a 4 ohms load, connected in bridge mode configuration .
The TDA2005 audio IC is a class B audio amplifier designed in a Multiwatt 11 package and can be ordered in two types TDA2005M used for bridge mode application or TDA2005S used in stereo applications .

If the TDA2005 is used in stereo mode it can deliver a 10 + 10 watts output power in a 2 ohms load . The advantage of using the TDA2005 audio amplifier in bridge mode configuration is that the total harmonic distortion ( THD) is 1% and the THD for the stereo configuration mode is 10 % .
This audio amplifier IC supports a wide range of input voltage from 8 volts up to 18 volts and it has many features like : short circuit protection , overrating chip temperature , low external components required , bridge or stereo booster amplifiers with or without boostrapand with programmable gain and bandwidth , no electrical isolation between the package and the heatsink .

TDA2005 stereo car amplifier circuit diagramTDA2005 bridge car amplifier circuit diagram

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