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1W audio amplifier circuit using NCP2830

This 1w audio amplifier circuit is designed using NCP2830 audio IC manufactured by ON Semiconductor.
This audio power amplifier ic designed for portable communication device applications and require few external electronic components.
NCP2830 is capable to provide 1W continuous output power in 8 ohms load.
NCP2830 audio power amplifier main features are : high quality audio (THD+N = 0.04%) , low noise: SNR up to 100 dB, overall system efficiency optimization: up to 89% , Superior PSRR (−88 dB): Direct Connection to Battery , Very Low Quiescent Current 7 mA , Optimized PWM Output Stage: Filterless Capability , Selectable gain of 2 V/V or 4 V/V .

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1W audio amplifier circuit NCP2830